Wine Suppliers

Below is a list of all our wine suppliers. They are listed in Alphabetic Order. Please contact us with any questions. Thanks!

Daylight Wine Company


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Delegat USA Inc

At Delegat we are building a leading global Super Premium wine company. Established and majority owned by the Delegat family, our business has grown more than tenfold since 2003. To support our future growth plans, we have invested in state-of-the-art wineries and world class vineyards in the prime grape growing regions of New Zealand and Australia. We focus exclusively on making the world’s most sought-after Super Premium wines and brands.

Delicato Vineyards

Delicato Family Vineyards is one of the fastest growing wine companies in the world, celebrating 90+ years of California winemaking and grape growing heritage. Family-owned and operated since the company’s founding in 1924, three generations of Indelicato family have fostered the winery’s commitment to innovation, quality and environmental stewardship – cornerstones that have harnessed the family’s long-term focus and solidified the winery as an internationally recognized leader in the industry.

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Deutsch Family

Deutsch Family Wine & Spirits was founded in 1981 by Chairman, Bill Deutsch, to market quality wine and spirits produced by prestigious families from major wine and spirits regions of the world.

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Distinguished Vineyards

We are proud of our craft and passionate about building enduring, premium wine brands.

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Don Sebastiani & Sons

Don Sebastiani & Sons is a family-owned company with roots in Sonoma for over a hundred years. We embrace a set of core values that draw upon the family’s history of innovation and expressive winemaking. Whether it’s a good meal with friends or a celebration of achievement, we are devoted to building meaningful products that complement those special moments.

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Fairest Cape Bev Co.

Fairest Cape was founded in 1995 by Peter Koff MW, one of only two people in the world to hold both the titles of Master of Wine and Cape Wine Master, a South African distinction. Our corporate office is located in Southern California and we distribute high quality, interesting and compelling wine from all over the world.

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Since 1985, Ferrari-Carano has been a leading producer of world-class, nationally-acclaimed wines. Vintage after vintage, the wines exhibit a remarkable consistency of style and elegance. Don and Rhonda Carano’s uncompromising commitment to quality and excellence is a reflection of their desire to produce memorable wines that enhance the pleasures of gracious entertaining.

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Fifty years ago, the California wine industry was just getting started. The rest of the world hadn’t yet heard of Mendocino County, but Barney Fetzer knew he’d found an extraordinary place to grow wine grapes. An early pioneer of sustainable farming, he helped shape the quality and environmental consciousness of California wine. Beyond what’s in the glass, our Valley Oaks Food and Wine Center was a vital locale for more than 20 years, catalyzing the farm to-table movement before it became a widely valued ethos.

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Fly Line

BRIGADOON LODGE, the internationally acclaimed fly fishing destination, recently released FlyLine Wine. Brigadoon’s debut series of carefully selected, privately labeled wines includes a Chardonnay, a Cabernet Sauvignon, a Pinot Grigio and a Pinot Noir. Made in California, FlyLine Wines are suitable for everyday consumption as well as formal gatherings.

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When we started Folio Fine Wine Partners in 2004, working on folding tables and chairs in our guest house in Napa, I had a vision – that the best wines in the world would come from producers that are family owned and operated. A steadfast belief that in every wine we represented would be the unique essence of the land each family stewards. When the family name is on the bottle, there is passion, heritage, history, provenance, integrity and longevity.

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FREDERICK S. WILDMAN, SR., occupied a unique position in the history and development of the American fine wine and spirits market. His is a remarkable story of entrepreneurial vision matched with an unrelenting quest for quality, a mission that animates Frederick Wildman and Sons, Ltd. to this day.

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From the very first harvest in 1994, the Fries family marveled at the intensely concentrated fruit produced by their Desert Wind Vineyard–fruit perfect for crafting wines with immense structure and aging potential. In 2001, the family introduced Desert Wind wines in order to showcase this exceptional vineyard through its own wine brand. The original lineup consisted of just four offerings–an elegant Semillon and three refined reds, a Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and their flagship red blend known as Ruah, each with 3-5 years of barrel aging.

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Gallatin Valley Vineyards

Global Vineyards

Global Vineyard Importers was founded in the spring of 2001 and is based in Berkeley, California. The company’s vision then as it is now was to create a small, quality-oriented national importer specializing in family-owned, boutique wineries from South America with a focus on regionality and diversity.

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Hahn Family Wines

In the end, we find that even with the variations that naturally occur vintage to vintage, each of our wines bears a mark of distinction that gives testament to its one-of-a-kind origins.

Halby Marketing Inc

After more than forty years in the wine business Tom Halby puts his own name on the label. He has personally selected premium California and international wines that he is proud to call his own. From the elegant packaging, to the rich tasting wines inside, the quality is evident throughout. No matter which wine you choose, Halby Marketing Inc. always represents great value wines and spirits.

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Hess Winery

With the release of the 2012 vintages from Mount Veeder, The Hess Collection celebrates its 30th vintage, establishing a new level of quality driven by a decade-long vineyard redevelopment plan.

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Inno Vino

Inno Vino International

We are a US based Importer with our headquarters based in Florida and a Mid Atlantic Regional office in North Carolina. We operate a stateside warehouse facility in New Jersey where we are also a New Jersey State Wholesaler.

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